Soap as a Thank You Gift

I’ve often heard my friends and family talk about how they need to get a thank you gift for someone. Maybe that someone watched their dog while they were out of town, or house sat for them, or helped them out with a task of some sort. This gave me the idea to make a soap exactly for that purpose. It’s a thank you note and thank you gift in one! “Merci Beaucoup!”  is scented with cedarwood and lavender and I used French Green Clay and Purple Brazilian Clay for color. Check it out:

Thank You Gift Soap | Merci Beaucoup! | Salt + Sprig StudioThank You Soap | Salt + Sprig StudioLavender and Cedarwood Soap | Salt + Sprig StudioMerci Beaucoup! Handmade Soap | Salt + Sprig StudioThis soap is now available in my Etsy store.

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